Let me tell you something!

Your sparkle. Has anyone told you about it? Then let me tell you. You are the sky's personal version of diamond. You are that star which every sky admires. Your sparkle makes the world shine. Let me tell you that you will came across two types of people, one who will make you believe in... Continue Reading →

Colours of Life!

After seeing all these colours of the leaves I realised that how a pleasant thing can become so depressing by the curse of nature. I realised that not everytime everything is in our hand. Maybe it is necessary that we should realise that good things also has a end. Even if its not our fault.... Continue Reading →


Amisha Dehadraya, born in Indore a city of Food and Foodies in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Living a simple Middle class life. She always know that what she wants from her life. Right from childhood she decided to be a Doctor and she doesn't know that as her teenage strikes her, she will... Continue Reading →

Stop Human!

Okay, nature stop scaring me! Me? I am scaring you? I should ask that question to you, actually! What? What I had done? Okay, Human you are asking me what you had done? Yes! You had and are using me continously for your benefit, you are destroying me! And if I give you a warning... Continue Reading →

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