Colours of Life!

After seeing all these colours of the leaves I realised that how a pleasant thing can become so depressing by the curse of nature. I realised that not everytime everything is in our hand. Maybe it is necessary that we should realise that good things also has a end. Even if its not our fault. Maybe that was not our battle field. I realised that we should try to be more forgiving and accepting of the things we cannot control and the ones we didn’t choose. Try to not to get too comfortable with good days but also try to not to be ungrateful. Try to work on your rhythm in your pace. Learn to accept change and defeat it with grace. Remember that not every change is bad and not every defeat is permanent and inconsolable. Here I am hoping that everything falls into right place.

These colours of the leaves tells that even if it is pleasant like green or pinching like yellow or dark like brown, it is our life, we have to accept each and every phase of life and should keep moving.

Remember if one brown leaf falls, then at the same place green leaf also grows. Everyone has their own time and need their own time.



Amisha Dehadraya, born in Indore a city of Food and Foodies in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Living a simple Middle class life.

She always know that what she wants from her life. Right from childhood she decided to be a Doctor and she doesn’t know that as her teenage strikes her, she will develop a interest in writings.

Right from her childhood she had a keen interest in books but in teenage she founds that actually it is a good source to connect to yourself and others too.

As she persuded towards her career, her dream, with lots of ups and downs and struggle she realises that this career will give her happiness and money but writing will lead her hobby.

So finally, in her first year of college she decided that she will be a BLOTOR, a doctor and a blogger too. And she will lead her dream and hobby both together.

Here she writes her views, her motivational views, she loves SINGING, she loves to travel, loves fashion, loves food, and sometimes can dance too. She has a great life but as all knows, a great life does not come easily.

She is here to express her all the views she has. She is Like all the other Girls BUT with a way different view and prespective of life.

Hope you will Love Her and her Thoughts!❤

So lets start!❤ Hope you will help me!

IG- @amisha_1103

Stop Human!

Okay, nature stop scaring me!

Me? I am scaring you? I should ask that question to you, actually!

What? What I had done?

Okay, Human you are asking me what you had done?


You had and are using me continously for your benefit, you are destroying me! And if I give you a warning you are saying that stop scaring me?

Yah! Because you scare me!

Oh! Listen! If the day I decided to scare you, then that day will surely be your last! So stop blaming me and using me! And yes, human, you and I are made to be together na! So lets live with peace and just be FRIENDS FOR NO BENEFIT!💫

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